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How Our Additional Fees Work?   

Any selected Request and last minute bookings may carry an additional fee. The additional fee contributes to extra staffing in peak delivery periods and covers our delivery crew's overtime wage on early set up and late pick ups. Your area coordinator will be in contact to discuss and confirm your request.
*Bubble & Bounce require a minimum 1 hour set up/pack away window.
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Bubble & Bounce require photo/video supporting evidence to help plan your installations/pack downs and provide the best possible service. Failure to provide the requested photo/video evidence may result in your job being cancelled. Please send all supporting evidence to along with your name, event date and quote number.
**Selections Require Photo/Video Supporting Evidence.
Tethering is an action of tying our inflated items with ropes so it restricts its movement. Tethering is required on all outdoor hard surfaces. We can tether to strong structures or ground anchorage such as a vehicle, tree, railing, fence post concreted into the ground.
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Some items are not available for the selected delivery method.
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If you are taking measurements for a structure such as a building or fence, please provide the height of the structure here. If height does not apply to the wash, for instance for a gutter wash, leave this field empty. Please note if you enter a value here after taking measurements, you will need to take measurements again.